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Our Address & company details

Telephone: 01892 662010 

Jack and Jill Cards Ltd, Clock House Court, Beacon Road, Crowborough, East Sussex, TN6 1AF

Company registered in England No. 6356853  VAT registration number: 921 3823 43

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If you are calling for assistance, make sure you have read all the available built-in User Guide and FAQs help first.  It may answer your question right away and save you the trouble of contacting us and waiting for a reply.  The FAQ page is linked from the left menu. There is also advice there about what to write and how to optimise your photos.You also have the opportunity to join our mailing list.  We do not send emails very frequently so you won't get bombarded.  This is a good way for you to stay in touch and receive details of enhancements that we make to the web site and new features that we add from time to time.  We also sometimes end out special offer codes that you can use to get discounts.Read our Privacy Policy regarding the protection of your contact details. Our terms and conditions are linked from the footer on every page.When you click on the Send your message button, the message will be dispatched via your normal mail client application.  This gives you the opportunity to cancel the e-mail or add any other comments to it that you want to. Don't forget to click on the Send button in your e-mail application to confirm that the mail is to be dispatched to us.If you use another method to send e-mail (such as a web mail account), you can compose a message yourself and send it to this e-mail address:   admin@jackandjillcards.co.ukEnter the details of your message in the fields below.Check out our facebook page here.

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