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How to take good photos for your Jack and Jill personalised cards

Taking the perfect photo for the best results on your photo cards is not difficult but the more planning and preparation you do beforehand, the better your final results will be: 


Good lighting is the key to all good photography. Use daylight if possible. Outdoor shots are the easiest.
 NB if you have to take photos in electric light make sure the flash is on to avoid a yellow cast on the photo.


Check the photos for redeye which can removed using free editing software - Picasa 3 (picasa.google.com)
or iPhoto (Mac). Pixelmator is also very good if you want to do more advanced work on your pictures.


Make sure the background is uncluttered and doesn't blend in with the people in the foreground and use suitably coloured drapery, sheets or blankets.  You might have already found a card that has a pleasing colour and your composition might be based on that.

Focussing on your baby

When photographing young babies. hover directly above your baby with the camera and focus on the baby's eyes. 
Note that most of today's cameras allow you to press the shutter button part of the way to enable the focus and light reading. Very modern cameras may have face detection built in.  If you keep your finger on the shutter button and move the camera slightly it holds the focus and light reading of the initial press.  Mobile phones sometimes let you focus by touching the region of interest on the view screen.

Variety of poses for your baby

Capture your baby's attention with a toy or a familiar face. Take lots of photos of your baby in various situations at different angles to the natural light - having a bath, playing with toys, sitting in large chairs, holding a toy. Don't pause between shots to see how the picture came out just keep taking pictures.  You can choose the best one later.

Photo format suitable for uploading

A good quality photograph in JPEG (jpg) format, no smaller than 1Mb and no larger than 8Mb. Please remember that the better the quality of photograph you send the better the reproduction results on your cards. JPEG files should be in RGB colour mode not CMYK.  If you upload large pictures, this can slow the page loading somewhat when you open the card designer and preview pages.  Predicting how this affects you is difficult because your online connection might be fast enough that it happens quite quickly.

Cropping and rotating your photos

If you are using a computer or laptop you can crop and rotate your photos when you have uploaded them in the card designer and started designing your birth announcement or thank you cards. On a mobile device you need to crop and/or rotate before you upload.

For all occasions

Don't forget that you can make cards for all occasions here at Jack and Jill Cards: 

  • Birth announcements (as featured in your Bounty Pack)
  • Baby thank you cards
  • Party invitations
  • Wedding invitations
  • Wedding thank you cards
  • Birthday cards
  • New home cards
  • Animal and pet cards

You can order quantities from 1 card to 200 cards. Contact us for help if you want to order larger quantities than this.

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