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We take privacy very seriously

As a matter of policy, we made design choices in building this web site which are designed to protect your privacy.

We do not hold any credit card or payment details on the system.  Everything to do with money, transferring it from your account to ours and preserving the integrity of your accounting details is completely delegated to the Secure Trading systems.

We do hold some minimum necessary information about your use of our system, but only enough to be able to manage your card production jobs or maintain your communication preferences if you are opted in to our mailing list.  You can opt in or out of our mailing list at any time.  By default we will opt your account in. Whenever you communicate with us via the web site, the opt in check box is always present at the same time should you not want to  be included.

We purge out your photographs after a while.  Exactly when that happens depends on how long we think you might need them to be there if you want to reorder another batch of the same design.

We do store a cookie on your computer but the only thing this holds is a unique user ID that is particular to you.  You can move to another computer and enter your user ID there and that will allow you to access the same account details.  It works because that move will create a cookie on the other system with the same user ID.  You can always go into your browser preferences and delete the cookie.  If you do that without noting your unique user ID first, you won't be able to access your history.  By continuing to use the site you are implicitly accepting this policy on cookie storage.

You cannot see the cards, jobs, baskets, pictures or anything else owned by another user ID and they are designed to be hard to predict so it is very unlikely that someone will be able to guess yours unless you tell them what it is.

This cookie makes the web site very easy to use because as you move around the system, the cookie tells each page who you are so it can pick up what it needs to know in order to load your work into the card designer.

If you turn cookies off in your browser, you won't be able to use all of the features that the site offers. For example, you won't be able to come back later and resume a card design job or move to another computer.  Everything will need to be done in the same session.  You also won't be able to save jobs for later or reorder jobs.  Without the cookie, you will appear to be a new user every time you visit the site.

There really is no need to be afraid of cookies.  Web users are naturally concerned about data privacy.  It is not cookies that are insecure but the Internet itself.  Turning on cookies is not harmful and you should not be worried about using them.

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